September 21–October 20

"Pig Party"
Organized by Gina Beavers

Friday, September 21, 7–9 p.m.

Wednesday, 6–9 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, 1–7 p.m.

New York City is excited to present "Pig Party."

A "Pig Party" is defined by WikiAnswers as, "a term, first coined in the movie Animal House. It is a college party where guys see who can bring the ugliest date. Usually there is some sort of wager on the line and a voting system that happens after the ugly dates have left the party."

 With this idea in mind, New York City presents works from "secret" painting practices, awesomely "bad" undergrad works, awfully amazing things found online, middle school art class drawings, and more!!!

 *Vote for your favorite pig at the opening!*

 *Help us bash in a capitalist pig (piñata) courtesy of Scott Hug!*

 With works by:
Alex Ebstein
Brian Belott
Daniel Heidkamp
Daniel Rios Rodriguez
EJ Hauser
Fran Holstrom
Gina Beavers
Heather Guertin
Jerry Anastasio
Jesse Greenberg
John McAllister
Jory Rabinovitz
Joshua Abelow
Matthew Thurber
Melissa Brown
Michael Berryhill
Michael Mahalchick
Natalie Frank
Nathan Gwynne
Phillip Birch & Nolan Simon
Rebecca Bird
Rose Marcus & Haley Silverman
Ryan Schneider
Ryan Travis Christian
Saira McLaren
Sam Moyer
Scott Hug
Stacy Fisher
Tamara Gonzales
Timothy Hull
Tracy Thomason